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Great News for Barrie

Barrie is about to become an even more desirable and accessible community for its residents who work in the GTA or downtown Toronto.

The Provincial government has announced a planned major increase in the frequency of GO Trains between Barrie and Toronto Union Station. The expanded service, part of a $13.5 billion regional express rail plan for the GTA, was announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne at the Barrie South GO Station on Friday, April 17th. It is just one part of Moving Ontario Forward, a massive $130 billion dollar investment in public infrastructure, the largest in Ontario’s history.

The new schedule, expected to be phased in over the next five years, will see service jump from 70 to more than 200 weekly trips on the Barrie line between Allandale-Waterfront and Union Station, and will include:

  • 30-minute peak-period, peak direction service during weekdays, and
  • 60-minute, two-way hourly service (or better) on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

A second track for the Barrie line, necessary to accommodate the increased service, is in the design phase, with actual construction expected to begin in a few months. No significant disruptions to current GO Train service are anticipated during construction.

In order to accommodate the planned increase in service, residents of Barrie can also expect to see improved access to GO Stations, according to Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman. These improvements will likely include more frequent city transit service, as well as upgrades to GO Station parking lots where needed. Existing walking and cycling routes will also likely be enhanced and new routes added, in order to encourage people to be more active and reduce the number of cars being driven to take the GO Train.

This exciting announcement means that current and future residents of Barrie who commute to work in Toronto and the GTA will be able to spend much less time in transit or waiting for trains, and more quality time with their families.

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