Barrie is the Place to Be

Barrie is the Place to Be!

Buying a New Home in Barrie … Now more than ever, it’s the smartest decision you can make!

Of all the hot housing markets across Canada, Barrie is clearly a city on fire, according to a new Canadian housing study summarized in The Globe and Mail. The 5-year, city-by-city forecast model, conducted by Moody’s Analytics for the Brookfield RPS house price indexes, places Barrie decisively at the very top of the list for anticipated growth among cities throughout all of Canada. The dramatic findings show that Barrie housing values are expected to appreciate by an astonishing 7.9% on an annualized basis over the next five years.

Although a number of other Ontario cities also ranked high in the results, Barrie was the clear leader, with its growth expected to outpace even Toronto’s by a margin of 1.2%.

This confirms the findings reported by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in their 2016 Spring Housing Market Outlook report on Barrie  which reported that:

“Barrie housing demand will grow as more buyers from the GTA will continue to move north to look for more affordable homes. Both baby boomers and young families will continue to relocate to Barrie because of its proximity to both the GTA and cottage country.”

Of course all this exciting news comes as no great surprise to us. As one of Barrie’s most well-established and respected builders, as well as being long-time residents ourselves, we are justifiably proud of being able to add to the buzz about Barrie and all it has to offer.

As these studies confirm, buying a new home in Barrie is sure to be a winning financial proposition, but not all new homes are created equal. You owe it to yourself to find out more about Grandview Homes, and see why purchasing one of our expertly constructed, energy efficient and beautifully-designed homes will maximize your enjoyment today, as well as the return on your investment tomorrow!

To view a PDF of the complete study, CLICK HERE.